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Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

Carpe Diem.

Fuck The Fear.
18 March
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A year from now, you'll wish you would have started today.</cente>Original layout codes by reversescollide

101 Things in 1001 Days journal: packyourchute
alcohol, ana, anonymity, bare feet, being drunk, bettering oneself, body modification, books, cameras, camping, candles, cars, chocolate, computers, crayons, dead baby jokes, dogs, dreaming, driving, drugs, dyed hair, early morning existence quandaries, experimentation, fantasies, fate, feeling one with nature, forests, friends, goonies-esque adventures, heavy blankets, high heels, hiking, honesty, hope, humor, ikea, independence, individualism, jokes, knowledge, laughing, lazy mornings, life, long walks, mindless self indulgence, money, morbid curiosity, movies, music, natural disasters, nature, night time, nintendo, on-line friends, oregon, originality, paraphernalia, people watching, pets, photography, pictures, pillows, playing pool, poetry, pop rocks, pouring rain, procrastination, psychology, pushing the limits, questions, quotations, random questions, reading, really good hugs, relaxing, revenge, rings, rock, romance, rough men, rugged cowboys, rum, sarcasm, self destruction, sex in the city, shopping, sleeping, slurpees, smiling, snow, snuggling, socks, spacing out, spontaneity, stars, staying up late, success, summer, swimming, talking to friends, tall strong men, tank tops, tanning, target, tattoos, techno, that feeling of accomplishment, the beach, the columbia gorge, thunderstorms, time, trance, trashy romance novels, traveling, trouble-shooting, true love, truth, underwear, walking train tracks, wallace and gromit, water, weather, weed, weekends, wishes, working out, yoga, zip up sweatshirts